PDRN is continuing to collect your donations

Pratt Disaster Resilience Network is continuing to collect donations for neighborhoods affected by Hurricane Sandy. Please drop off donations on the 1st floor of Higgins Hall, 61 St. James Place, Brooklyn. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

We need:

– Blankets
– Coats
– Tarps & rope
– Baby food (vegetarian, with meat/chicken, fruit, cereal)
– Evaporated milk
– Pediasure
– Ensure
– Glucerna
– Ready made formula
– Canned goods (beans, vegetables, tomato sauce, soups, tuna fish, sardines, vienna sausages)
– Protein/granola/cereal/fruit bars
– Apple Sauce
– Diapers (newborn, sizes 1-6)
– Toddler training pants (sizes 4+)
– Flashlights
– Batteries (especially C and D)
– Candles/Flashlights
– Peanut butter
– Sliced bread
– Fruit (apples, oranges, bananas, etc)
– Disposable hand warmers
– Gloves
– Socks

– Tampons/Pads

– Cleaning products and detergents

– Soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner

Please also sign up for email updates from 596 Acres (click here) and/or Councilmember Brad Lander’s Office (click here) for more up-to-the-minute information about volunteer opportunities and donation drives.

November 5th, 2012


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