We are PDRN

Pratt Disaster Resilience Network was created by students of the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in response to the disconnect between people who need help and those who can help in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Our mission: Grassroots action and long-term planning for disaster resilience for all.

Our Goals:
• Planning for disaster resilience
• Direct action and long-term planning
• Equity and justice of response
• Creation of policy recommendations
• Increased response efficiency and communication


About Pratt Disaster Resilience Network

Grassroots action and long-term planning for disaster resilience for all.

One response to “We are PDRN”

  1. Rebecca says :

    Volunteers are needed TODAY, Monday, Nov. 5, at Gowanus Houses to provide relief to families living in buildings that are STILL WITHOUT heat, hot water and electricity.

    Please meet up at the Gowanus Community Center, 420 Baltic Street in Brooklyn

    We can use help with the following:
    Food/Supply Set Up (starts at 11 a.m.)
    Food Distribution (starts at 12 p.m.)
    Door-knocking/Canvassing (multiple shifts available)
    Deliveries (multiple shifts available)
    Volunteer Coordination (starts at 11 a.m.)

    To sign up for shifts, please visit: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGdZWDVmVUh0R0pOS1h5aTk1OUZaQmc6MQ

    Also, we continue to need food and supplies for residents. These can be delivered beginning at 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. today. Please donate only what’s on the list to minimize surpluses:

    – Baby food (vegetarian, with meat/chicken, fruit, cereal)
    – Evaporated milk
    – Pediasure
    – Ensure
    – Glucerna
    – Ready made formula
    – Canned goods (beans, vegetables, tomato sauce, soups, tuna fish, sardines, vienna sausages)
    – Protein/granola/cereal/fruit bars
    – Apple Sauce
    – Diapers (newborn, sizes 1-6)
    – Toddler training pants (sizes 4+)
    – Flashlights
    – Batteries (especially C and D)
    – Candles/Flashlights
    – Peanut butter
    – Sliced bread
    – Fruit (apples, oranges, bananas, etc)
    – Disposable hand warmers
    – Gloves
    – Socks

    For prepared/hot food, we’re asking they are delivered no later than 5 p.m. because we have limited refrigeration space to store them at night. Whenever possible, please provide aluminum containers so we can send plates of food to seniors and families who can’t make it up and down flights.

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