Check Your Home

Breezy Point aerial view from November 1.

As part of the federal and local state response, the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) of NY, NJ and Connecticut have been taking aerial photos of areas affected by hurricane Sandy.  FEMA has taken these photos and has soft launched a GIS web application called ‘Check Your Home’.

Often following a disaster, the hardest hit areas are cordoned off due to safety or inaccessibility issues. Unfortunately, this leaves many survivors with unanswered questions as to the status of their community or homes. This web map was built to try and provide a simple, easy way for evacuees who can not get back to their homes and neighborhood to see the impacts left by Sandy.

You can enter an address or a neighborhood (Rockaway, Queens; Coop City, Bronx; East Harlem, NY) and the app will navigate to the area.  If there are any CAP aerials, you can click on the icon and bring up the CAP photo.

The link to the app is:


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