Grant Opportunities

United Way of New York City (UWNYC) has established a fund to support the health and human services agencies that, due to Hurricane Sandy, are challenged in their ability to provide critical supports to individuals and families in need.

UWNYC will make individual grants of up to $10,000 to community-based organizations in areas hardest hit: the Rockaways, Staten Island, Coney Island, Red Hook, and the Lower East Side. UWNYC also has volunteers ready to support NYC nonprofits working to help their communities recover.

At Modest Needs, we understand that many thousands of low-income workers living in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are now facing a tremendous financial hardship due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy on their homes and places of employment.

The Joan Mitchell Foundation is asking that anyone who knows of a visual artist who has been affected by the hurricane to pleasecontact them. The Foundation has funding allocated specifically for emergency assistance to painters and sculptors affected by natural disasters. Additionally, they are making available information about other organizations that may be able to assist affected artists.

The deadline just passed on the Brooklyn Community Foundation Grant but we on the lookout for the next round.  “Grants from the Brooklyn Recovery Fund will respond to large-scale community-wide coordination work as well as more narrowly focused rebuilding and service provision efforts. This two-pronged approach allows the Fund to address immediate emergency needs while laying the groundwork for broad based, long-term community rebuilding.”

The City Parks Foundation has grants for community groups working in NYC parks to strengthen their outreach, membership, and program-planning capacity.
Recovery Grants:  In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many people and communities are still struggling to recover from the damage caused by the storm. The Partnerships for Parks Recovery Grant supports community groups dedicated to parks with funding for capacity-building projects focused on storm recovery.  Grants range from $200 to $2,000 and are made on a rolling basis.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, small volunteer-led groups responded quickly to meet the needs of local residents.
Citizens Committee is awarding grants of up to $5,000 to volunteer-led groups providing relief to areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Groups may be long-standing, newly established or in the process of forming, and are not required to have non-profit or 501(c)(3) status. Groups without this status will need a fiscal conduit or a bank account if a grant is awarded. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis.

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