CALL TO ACTION: NYC public housing residents of Red Hook call a city-wide press conference/rally at NYCHA’s Manhattan headquarters.

Who: Convergence of city-wide New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) residents and allies.

When: Tuesday, November 27, 9am.

Where: 250 Broadway, Manhattan, NYC.
(R train to City Hall, 4,5,6, J, Z, to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall)

Immediate demand: Absolve 2 months’ rent (extend NYCHA’s rent credit for both November and December).

From a list of Long-term demands: Replace NYCHA board with a community-led board. Employ NYCHA residents to fix buildings instead of outsourcing jobs. Implement long-term alternative power and weather-prepared solutions. Enact general accountability to residents.

Next step: pressure NYCHA board meeting on December 5, 10am, same location.

3 weeks after Sandy shut down power, heat, and running water for hundreds of thousands of NYC residents, many in public housing still struggle to regain these basic services. After a fiery Red Hook NYCHA hearing–in which residents decried the board’s lack of swift response, concern, and accountability to their uninhabitable living conditions–a community assembly made the call for NYCHA residents to gather for a rally and press conference on November 27 to demand 2 months’ rent to be canceled. They invite all NYCHA residents across NYC, as well as allies of affordable housing and community justice, to come together.

“No services, no rent.”
“How are we supposed to buy food and Christmas presents? We need a rent credit for now, not January 1st.”
“When Obama won, I didn’t hear any jubilation–because the projects were dark.”
“If you’re talking about rebuilding anywhere in Red Hook, you need to rebuild everywhere in Red Hook.”

“We need a guarantee that we’re not going to suffer like this again.”
-statements from Red Hook community at Nov 19 NYCHA hearing and later community assembly

For more information contact:

posted on Monday November 26th 2012

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